"Sherry's craftsmanship on her wreaths is spectacular - every single wreath I have purchased from her has been a sheer delight!!! Her designs are magnificent and loaded with premium stems and embellishments - why buy anywhere else??? Interior design quality custom wreaths for a fabulous price - and she is a joy to work with as well!!!!"

Cathy, Scottsdale, AZ

"WOW!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love my wreath!!! I am somewhat hard to please, and boy have you ever surpassed it!!! I have a number of wreaths, or, what I thought were wreaths, that was until I got yours! I am happy to say that I now have found my new wreath designer!!!!! If you think I am Happy, you are RIGHT!!!! I will be in touch for my ginger wreath soon, I just want to enjoy my Charmin Carmen! You are the BEST!!!"

Thank you,

Peni, Arkansas

"I am a wreath shopper. (Just for me and for others as gifts.) So I am a pretty picky little puppy when it comes to judging the delivered item. Mind you, not "difficult" - just picky. :)

What I look for, when I shop, is,well...everything. Once I pick something in good faith, I always hope what I see in photos is what I'll get. Let me just say that a few times I've been genuinely disappointed - especially in size. I've gotten to a point that, usually, I question a seller to double check on size, because I dislike wreath sellers who describe a wreath as being "X" number of inches large, and are actually counting all the the extending things like twigs or grass blades, etc., instead of measuring the flower body area. I actually purchased a wreath, once, described as being 26" in diameter (which would have been fine had it really been that size), only to discover the flower body came closer to 20." (grrrr)

On the other hand, I've been satisfied with most wreaths I've purchased. The thing is, though, I never squealed upon opening a wreath box, to see the wreath.

Lemme tell y' girl - this time I did. (grin)

This wreath is just fabulous. The colors are striking. The whispyness is wonderful - like a field a huge wildflowers. I couldn't be happier with its size. I have a 36" wide door, and I can't believe how it just fills up the horizontal and vertical space. This is definitely a five star wreath - no kidding. I just want to thank you, personally, for this beautiful wreath and your patience. I truly appreciate both. I will definitely keep you in mind as I replace or add to my wreath collection."


M. H. Nicols, Chicago

"Madame Butterfly arrived today and she is BEAUTIFUL!! You have been Blessed with a very special gift to create. Thank you for sharing it with me!! I will cherish this wreath."

Carol, Texas

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